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Flamenco Resources


Torcuato Zamora 

(301) 587-2266 

826 Bonifant Street,

Silver Spring, MD

Maestro Torcuato Zamora is one of Furia Flamenca's guitarist who sells men's and women's flamenco shoes (Gallardo), skirts, dresses, hats, and castanets direct from Spain. Torcuato also provides Flamenco guitar lessons. Contact him for more information.

Flamenco Connection

Guillermo Christi

(703) 352-5825

Guillermo is another one of Furia Flamenca's guitarist and musician who sells Flamenco and Brazilian shoes (for women), castanets, books, music, guitars, and other musical equipment.  


Flamenco West

John Silva

(310) 305-7661

John is located on the west coast and also sells Flamenco shoes, shawls, skirts, castanets and other Flamenco merchandise.  They specialize in Senovilla.  John is great to work with.

Menkes Flamenco

Menkes is also a reputable Flamenco distributor with a store in New York who sells Flamenco shoes, skirts, and other Flamenco merchandise.  

El Charro

El Charro is a company in El Paso, TX with Mexican Folklorico shoes at very affordable prices.  These shoes for men and women are good beginner shoes for flamenco.  

Zapateria Coco

(623) 693-7141,

Zapateria Coco is a company in Arizona that specializes in Mexican Folklorico shoes for men and women.  They are able to customize shoes (wide, narrow, etc.) specific to your needs. 


Gallardo Dance

Gallardo Dance is located in Spain and specializes in Flamenco shoes.  

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